Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Michelle Duggar Expecting Her 19th Child

I read this morning that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are expecting their 19th child. Their most recent baby is only 8 months old.

Now the rest of the world is mocking the Duggars for overpopulating the world. Take a look at the photos, blogs and other commentaries on the issue. Who are the people that are mocking the Duggars?
I find that the critics are people of lesser moral character. The Duggars are active members of the Baptist church in their community. The family is being raised on religious principles. They read their Bible and pray as a family (see photo).
I can see by the sources of the negative comments that they come from liberals who hate conservative principles, who don't believe in God, and who are more concerned about environmental issues than the sanctity of human life.

Jim Bob Duggar recently published a list of 'tips for a happy marriage'. With 18 kids and one on the way, a man who finds happiness amid the chaos must know what he is talking about! As far as I am concerned, as long as the Duggars continue to be faithful to their religious values and not cave to the liberal degeneracy that the world is trying to teach us, let them have 50 kids! God will bless them. The world will be a better place for it. Let the degenerate critics practice population control while we God-fearing conservatives populate the world. Maybe we'll get our majority back.
Go Duggars!


Jeannetta said...


Maybe some good LDS, and others of faith will be pricked in their hearts to stop practicing birth control as the world would have it.
The Duggars put God in charge, as should we all.

Rick Carpenter said...

Better them than me!

Kari said...

My uncle, who is a very devout Mormon, when asked how many children he was going to have after his fourth one, said, "As many as I can financially support." As long as the Duggars can care for their children, I don't see how it is anyone's business how many children they can, and can't have.

Oz said...

How much does the state subsidise this family?

Rick Carpenter said...

To my knowledge, they don't receive any government subsidies or welfare of any kind. They do receive private sector donations, which is fine. You raise an interesting question, though, for a different reason that you may have intended. Suppose for a moment that the Duggars did receive government support. It would be one of the best investements the government had made in a very long time. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are raising great kids. They will be a positive influence on society. They will contribute and give back. They will be positive, Christian role models. I'd pay a little extra in taxes for that. Now contrast the Duggars with the millions of others that the government, particularly the left, WANT to support on welfare because they can keep their votes captive. These people almost never contribute to society or give us anything back but drug problems, teen pregnancies, often with no father figure present at all, criminal records, and life-long, multi-generational welfare dependency. So the question of whether the Duggars receive state subsidy should perhaps be better answered: No, but I'd be honored if they did!

Oz said...

So you are ok with socialism if it supports huge families that raise their kids Christian, but if those kids ever need health care, you would never pay a cent more tax to help them out.

Should the huge families that the state subsidizes only be Christian, or are any huge families ok?