Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Case: A Lesson in Pure Corruption

The Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman incident probably taught us more about corruption in American society than any other in recent history. And I believe that most people are not aware of exactly what corruption I am referring to. Those who listen to the mainstream media are led to think that this case was a miscarriage of justice, that a murderer got away with his crime. But it’s not just the media pushing this belief. It’s the 'leadership' of the black population in general. And it’s our government. (Disclaimer: If you object to my use of the word ‘black’, just get over it. I’m not playing the politically correct term-of-the-day game. That is weak and cowardly. The use of the word ‘black’ wasn’t derogatory before, and it’s not now… blacks use this term to describe themselves, therefore it is OK. Just get over it.)
As one educated as a lawyer and having attended two police academies (one of which I finished at the top of the class), I am trained to consider established facts and available evidence, and to dismiss emotionally-charged opinions, racism and agenda-driven selfish interests. I am trained to see our courts and our legal system as a place where reason and law prevail, and not public opinion or emotion.

The Trayvon Martin case has been more emotionally and racially charged than any other case in my memory.

I will divide the underlying corruption into three parts.

The Media

First, a basic understanding of the media is necessary.

The media does not report facts. They do not report impartial truth. Only the na├»ve actually believe this. We must remember that these mainstream media outlets are businesses, in fierce competition with other media corporations. They must earn a profit. The personalities we see and hear on the television and radio must add to that profit. This is true of all of them, from Katie Couric and Matt Lauer to Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. If they cannot draw the loyal followers, they are replaced with someone else who can. Liberal media outlets appeal to a different crowd than conservative ones. But they have the same struggles: ratings and profit.  Even so-called non-profit media outlets, such as National Public Radio, must appeal to certain groups in order to attract sponsors. They may not sell commercial advertising space, but ratings – and therefore listener appeal – are still of primary importance.

The problem is that truth does not necessarily sell. It doesn’t increase profit or ratings. It does not command premium rates for advertising spots. What sells are those ‘stories’ that appeal to our emotions and selfish interests. That is what people want, and they tune to the media sources that give it to them. These media organizations are corporations with revenue and ratings goals, first and foremost. Let’s not lose sight of that fact.

In other nations, such as North Korea and mainland China, and the former Soviet Union, the media is controlled by the government. Everything that is broadcast is approved and filtered by the government, according to their agenda. Thus, there is no impartial truth there.

Whether the media is commercially run or government-run, whether liberal or conservative, truth and facts are not necessarily on the menu. The organization behind the scenes has an agenda… that determines what gets aired.

Now… what does all of this have to do with the Trayvon Martin case? Simple. Everything.

The media has made no effort to broadcast truth and facts. They have consistently told lies that sell. An honest look at the available facts and evidence of this case would lead any reasonably thinking person to conclude that George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin. The evidence is overwhelming. It’s not even a close call. But the media has never covered the case based on facts and evidence. They have covered it based on public perception. Why? Because if they defend George Zimmerman based on the evidence and facts, they lose ratings. Big time. They lose millions of black viewers. They lose anti-gun advocates. They lose pretty much anyone who makes their decisions based on emotional impact rather than facts. And unfortunately, that is a large percentage of Americans.

Instead, the media gave people what sells: an innocent, unarmed little black teenage boy needlessly shot and killed by a white racist. The mainstream media outlets did not present any substantial amount of the overwhelming and compelling evidence that proved George Zimmerman’s innocence.

And even after the jury returned a verdict of not guilty based on the very facts and evidence that the media ignored, the media continued to air video of black groups around the nation crying injustice and racism. They had to point out repeatedly that the jury consisted of five whites and only one black… injecting more racism into the mix. They aired Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, telling people about how her son would not go to college and how she would not have grandchildren from him ‘because of a law that allowed [Zimmerman] to go unpunished for his crime.’ None of what she said was true. This was a mother publicly mourning the loss of her son and appealing to emotion instead of facts. I suppose I can’t blame her for that. But does the media care about the truth here? Of course not. Sybrina Fulton's speech sells advertising space. She gets ratings. Damn the truth. Bring on the profits.

What I find particularly disgusting about the mainstream media is how they openly claim to be a credible source of ‘news’, impartial and factual. They are the opposite. The inherent dishonesty and hypocrisy in the mainstream media, especially given their self-proclaimed social mission in society, is repugnant. If our emotionally-charged society sided with truth, virtue and integrity, they would convict the mainstream media of criminal fraud.

The “Court of Public Opinion”

One of the most dangerous trends in the evolution of our legal system is that verdicts are becoming less dependent on facts and evidence, and are based more on public perception and emotional impact. Justice is migrating more toward political correctness and away from truth.

Race is perhaps the biggest influence in the ‘court of public opinion’, often having its roots in cultural defensiveness. Particularly pertaining to the black population, they have struggled mightily for a couple of centuries to feel established and accepted in what used to be considered a white man’s society. It is a fact that for many years, blacks in America were at a disadvantage for several reasons. Those reasons have been largely unfounded, meaning that there were no good reasons for treating them differently than everyone else. To think that blacks do not deserve equal opportunities with whites and others is racist on its face.

Racism against blacks should be extinct by now. Unfortunately, it is kept alive by so-called leaders of the black population, much more so than by whites. If people would have embraced the peaceful ideals of Martin Luther King, there would be equality everywhere for some time now. Instead, we have grandstanders like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson who continue to incite racism and hatred, because they profit by doing so. If these racist hate-mongers didn't exist, or if people didn't listen to them, there would be peace and harmony among the American people. If they didn’t continue to manufacture societal division for the sake of personal gain, blacks everywhere in this nation would be where Dr. King once dreamed of. Making the problem even worse, the cry of racism is used all too often in order to manipulate others and to exploit our political, legal and economic systems. This is also encouraged by those who don’t truly want equality because it wouldn’t be good for themselves – ie: black ‘advocates’ and many politicians. The media often uses the race card, too, again because it’s popular and brings loyal patronage.

Back to our issue…

Trayvon Martin was a black teen who was shot by a white-Hispanic man. The instant reaction around the nation, and implied by the media, was that this was yet another ‘lynching’ of an innocent black by a white racist. And despite the overwhelming facts and evidence to the contrary, black leaders and media outlets still have not let up on this untruth.

Black citizens nationwide were demanding that George Zimmerman be prosecuted when no evidence against him existed. When Zimmerman was found by the jury to be not-guilty, blacks all around the country went into mourning, crying injustice. “Zimmerman must be guilty because he’s a white man and he murdered an unarmed black teen” seemed to be the consensus. Zimmerman started receiving death threats and the like. People could not trust our justice system to render a verdict based on facts and evidence, when our emotionally-charged feelings didn’t agree with it. To refuse to consider the overwhelming evidence in Zimmerman’s favor (Trayvon Martin had almost no evidence in his favor, despite much of what favored Zimmerman being declared inadmissible), and still condemn him, largely because of the race difference, is racist itself. To refuse to accept our legal system when it worked as it should, simply because it didn’t favor our race, and to threaten the ‘opponent’ after justice was administered, is corruption.

Further, the NAACP has pressured Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to initiate Federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman after his acquittal in the murder trial. They cannot accept that a jury has weighed the evidence and found him innocent of murder. So they look for another angle with which to punish him for what they accuse him of, again without any evidence to support it. The NAACP is racist in this action. They are corrupt in their behavior. They are part of the problem of inciting hatred and racism, not part of any solution.

As long as blacks allow themselves to be led by those who foster hate and racism, there will be division and distrust between the races. As long as racists like Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson, the NAACP, and others continue to incite conflict, there will be animosity, racism and violence. As long as the race card is dishonestly played as a toxic, manipulative tactic, whether by individuals, organizations, the media or the government, there will be corruption.

The Government

The state of Florida did not have the evidence necessary to prosecute George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Yet Barack Obama pressured the state of Florida to initiate a prosecution anyway. Why would hedo that?

I have previously described Obama as ‘the father of all vote whores’, because that is what he is. He is the master panderer. He is a racist. He has no personal convictions other than socialism and his Muslim faith (This is not a bash on Muslims. Not at all. Just on Obama’s dishonesty about his faith while claiming to be Christian so as not to alienate himself from voters). Obama will pander to any person or group of persons who will keep him in power. Liberals are a very easy group… just give them anything they want and they will vote for you.

Here, Obama wanted to preserve the loyalty of the black vote just prior to the 2012 election. His statement, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin” was a racist barb to incite anger toward the defendant, George Zimmerman, for a crime he did not commit. It was designed to rally blacks emotionally rather than based on his record.

After the jury in George Zimmerman’s trial, Obama said in a statement, “We are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.” Yet Obama and Eric Holder are considering, again at the urging of the NAACP, to bring Federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman, again without evidence. They cannot let the jury’s spoken verdict rest. They have to keep the racism alive because it empowers them. That, my friends, is political corruption… something that permeates the very fiber of Obama’s being.

Further, Eric Holder stated that the 'Stand Your Ground' law, upon which Zimmerman tried to base his defense, should be repealed. That law was upheld a couple of years ago by the Supreme Court as the "Castle Doctrine". But for Holder to say a good law should be repealed simply because the outcome of a racially-charged case (upon which he can personally gain) didn't go his way, is just another indication of power-grabbing corruption in Washington.


Nearly all the evidence and available facts show that George Zimmerman is not a racist. Yet that is what the media and our government have led people to believe.

Nearly all the evidence and available facts show that Zimmerman was defending himself and honestly believed his life was in imminent danger when he shot Trayvon Martin. Yet that is not what our media showed the nation.

Barack Obama pressured the state of Florida to initiate prosecution proceedings against Zimmerman despite a lack of evidence. Yet he acted like a ‘compassionate leader’ in a time of national tragedy when on camera.

Upon acquittal, blacks around the nation cried out against Zimmerman as ‘one who got away’ rather than respecting the overwhelming facts. This is what the media basically told them. Those who had the facts available concealed them instead of presenting them. Racism was needlessly allowed to boil... because it is profitable to some.

Zimmerman faces death threats because of the inherent racism and concealment of facts in the media.

Obama and Holder, at the urging of the NAACP, are considering Federal civil rights charges to keep the hatred and racism alive despite a lack of evidence.

From every angle, corruption is at the center of this case. From the media’s dishonesty and greed, to racism in society, to pandering for support in government… too many people have a stake in convicting an innocent man for their own personal gain and gratification. I have learned to try to stay away from potential conflict, because when justice and public opinion are at odds, fairness is not on our side.