Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why There Is No Such Thing as “Values Neutral”

The ever-increasing liberal influence in our world attempts to nullify any type of moral compass, so as to justify their rush toward self-destruction. Some say there are no morals, that it’s up to the individual to decide what’s right for them.

This is a terribly flawed way of thinking. The underlying assumption is that random, differing values can peacefully coexist in society. Here’s where the idea fails: Based on our values or morals, either we contribute to the success of our nation, or we hinder that success. Either we produce more than we consume, or we consume more than we produce. Either we respect others' right to think differently, or we don't. 

We need to apply the “what if everyone else was like me?” test.

What would our society be like if all people were…

If all women got abortions, we wouldn’t have solved a population growth issue. We would quickly be extinct. Even if half of society got abortions, we might be an endangered species. Without those who hold the sanctity of life as a sacred, God-granted power, abortions might be the norm, not the minority (despite the 50+ million performed in the US already), in terms of how pregnancies ended.

Population growth is controlled through self-restraint and personal responsibility. People would have children when they want them and can afford them. Most unwanted pregnancies would not occur if people behaved responsibly.

We’d be extinct in one generation.
HIV and AIDS would be more epidemic than they have been up to now.

In favor of a “living” minimum wage?
What exactly is a “living wage” anyway? Isn’t that completely subjective? Suppose a person wants to flip burgers at McDonald's and make $15 per hour? That comes to about $30,000 per year. So then they overspend their money (because it really doesn't go far enough to live on anyway) as so many people naturally do, get deep into debt, and want more, claiming they are underpaid. Where does it end? It doesn’t. That’s the problem here.

A “living” minimum wage would drive prices up, making the “living” wage even less affordable. Employers would have to raise prices to cover the increased wage expense. They might have to lay off a good portion of their crew. The “value menu” at a fast food restaurant would start at $3 instead of $1. We end up with higher prices, higher unemployment, causing the living wage to not be enough to "live" on after all. So then do we raise it again, and keep going through this same cycle?

On welfare with no desire to become self-sufficient?
Simply, our system would bankrupt quickly. Welfare depends on some people paying others’ way. If everyone was on welfare, there would be no producers, only consumers. People would starve. There would be no public utilities or services. The government could not sustain the system because there would be no tax revenue from those who work.
We could go on and on with our “what if” examples.

Engaging in pornography?
Families would be even more endangered than they are now. It is well established that pornography destroys families. It destroys trust between spouses. It erodes one's ability to have a normal, healthy married sex life. Divorce rates have increased sharply because of porn addiction. This causes increased need for social services for kids as well as adults, which are largely government funded. The victims of porn addicts often need government financial assistance. Teen dropout rates increase. Teen substance abuse rates increase. Teen pregnancy increases. Teen suicide increases. These happen because the family, the god-ordained institution in which civility and moral stability is taught, is broken. Liberals want to dismiss the value of the family, but they cannot refute the facts that support the value and positive social impact of families. Liberals also want people to believe that pornography is harmless. The evidence proves quite the opposite.

Sexually active outside of marriage?
This already appears to be the norm, not the exception. So what do we have now? More disease, more unwanted pregnancies (therefore more abortions), more welfare because of teenage and unwed mothers, more fatherless children (with all the social disadvantages that brings), and so on.

Do these examples sound like they are value-neutral? Absolutely not.

Some forms of liberalism can exist only if conservatives are funding them. What if those who believe in certain programs or philosophies were the only people supporting them? When we go to a state or national park, or to a zoo or other attraction, we pay an entrance fee. Ideally, those who enjoy these venues are the ones paying, and not costing those who do not visit these places. Even further, what if only those who believed in a certain philosophy were the ones paying for it? What if only liberals were paying for prolonged welfare entitlements for those who could and should attempt to find work, improve their earning potential, and produce rather than consume – since conservatives by and large are already doing this? What if only liberals paid for abortions? What if only liberals supported Planned Parenthood? What if only liberals paid extra for a McDonald’s hamburger so they could support a higher wage for those who “want” it but cannot justify it with their actual work?

Liberalism cannot survive with only liberals supporting it. They must force those who don’t believe in their flawed philosophies to help pay for them, or to participate in them. Since liberalism creates dependency, it can only survive if they steal from those who produce. If liberals could not rob conservatives, they would cease to exist.

So ask yourself… what would our world be like if everyone were like YOU? If you are a producer, then you probably are a victim of political theft to support the weak (the liberal welfare/entitlement/special interest crowd). If you are a consumer… wanting more welfare, etc, you are part of the reason why our nation is bankrupt and broken.

It should be clear that there is no such thing as “values neutral.” If that were true, then our society would neither prosper nor wither based on “what feels right to us” individually. It would remain constant. But that obviously is not what is happening. Our nation is decaying. Crumbling. Self-destructing. Because those who are naive enough to think that values don’t matter are destroying the foundation of civility and liberty through selfishness, the violation of others’ rights, laziness and irresponsibility, rather than strengthening it through personal responsibility and obeying the law. Modern liberalism is the opposite of that which is good and virtuous: a work ethic, personal responsibility, liberty in law, and mutual respect.