Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm Boycotting Jack-in-the-Box... Again!

Jack in the Box continues to disappoint me with their distasteful advertising. Last year it was the commercial that showed Jack in a hot tub with another couple - obviously swingers. After Jack explained his new menu creation, the woman said, "Yeah! Let's make a Jack sandwich!" (Note: If you don't know what a swinger is or what that meant, bless you for watching the BYU channel exclusively!)

Their latest commercial, which I just saw for the first time about 10 minutes ago, is about a promotion called "Jack's Big Ripoff". How do they choose to promote it? Not through a play on words with burglars, bank robbers, or other potentially funny scenarios. They chose to show women and men stripping down to their underwear in front of Jack, and in front of the camera.

Of all the funny ideas they could have chosen, they chose immorality instead. This is becoming a pattern with Jack in the Box. I am going to boycott them AGAIN, and I invite anyone who wishes to protest the infiltration of blatant sexuality on prime time TV to join me. Frankly, since this isn't their first offense, I would like to see them apologize, not just discontinue the commercial.

Please join me in the boycott of Jack in the Box if you feel so inclined.


Jeannetta said...

I'm there. We don't eat there a bunch, but I'll be happy to not go there again.

Oz said...

You know, really, when you see a JITB commercial you think of swingers? Wow. I wonder how many "worldly" people think that way.

Sorry, but come on people.

Rick Carpenter said...

Oz, like with your other posts, you really seem to miss the point. This is about JITB's continued use of distasteful or vulgar advertising. I am pointing to selected commercials, and I never said I regularly think of swingers. You're grasping for things I didn't say, trying to make a point, and it doesn't work if you misquote or don't understand the real issue.

Oz said...

You said swingers didn't you? I doubt that word was mentioned in the commercial.

Who cares about stuff like that unless you are searching for things to complain about?