Saturday, January 17, 2009

"4:30 Disease" - A Test of Faith

What is the "4:30 Disease", you might ask? Why it's the same as the 3:15 disease our kids get on school days. You understand... school is out at 3:15, and that's when they suddenly feel much better after having stayed home sick that day. They don't want to miss out on playing with friends just because the couldn't go to school.

Tomorrow is Sunday, January 18th. Our Arizona Cardinals are playing in the NFC Chamionship game, with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. It just so happens that the game begins the same time Sacrament Meeting begins, at 1:00PM. The game should end at about 4:30... hence 4:30 disease. That's when the few guys I know of will suddenly 'feel better', having missed church due to some 'unforeseen ailment'.

Sorry if this is judgmental. I hope I'm wrong. But we live in a time and age where such demonstrations of little faith are frustrating. They hurt families. If the presiding priesthood holder in the home can't attend meetings and set a proper example for his family at an easy time like this, what will happen in the future when things actually get difficult?

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