Thursday, October 15, 2009

Looking For Answers In All The Wrong Places

This is sort of humorous but it is also sad. As a member of the Lord's church, it's also sort of frustrating that people will reject the gospel so quickly, yet look to whacky stuff like this.

Article: More putting economic worries in hands of psychics, astrologers

The scriptures tell us that this will happen.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 talks about people heaping to themselves teachers, having itching ears (to hear what they want to hear), and shall turn away from the truth unto fables.

There are many others. It's just sad to see, and frustrating to know that if you try to point them in the right direction, they get mad. Or, with those 'itching ears', they will turn to another 'Christian' church that will take their money to tell them what they want to hear: that they need not make any effort to be saved. Satan really has people messed up about religion.


Kari said...

Ah, but you must trust that in His one, He is many, and in His many, He is but one...He will reach out to his children in whatever religion they can hear him in. As long as it is a religion that worships the almighty, they will hear his voice...

Rick Carpenter said...

Yes, but they must worship Him with pure intent, not half-heartedly. True that any person with faith, in any religion, are entitled to His blessings.