Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Energy Drinks & the Word of Wisdom - Collision Course

I don't know why, but I like addressing controversial topics. Maybe because I am not the least bit afraid to tackle them or defend my position.

We all probably have been guilty of 'skirting' the Word of Wisdom at some point. Whether it be finding justification in cola drinks, herb tea, or whatever. Some of these things are OK, I'm sure. The Word of Wisdom seems to be as much a personal commandment as it is a universal one. It means different things to many people. I actually have a letter in my possession from the First Presidency about 40 years ago, stating that decaffeinated coffee (which is about 97% caffeine free) is OK.

One thing we should all agree on is that if something is downright hazardous to our health, it is against the Word of Wisdom. Do we need to be 'commanded in all things', even the obvious things?

So it is with 'energy drinks'. Please read this article, 'The Energy Drink Epidemic' from the December 2008 Ensign Magazine:

What is one of the main reasons for the Word of Wisdom? To keep our bodies in a state of purity, free from impairment that would prevent us from feeling and understanding the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Without the companionship of the Holy Ghost it is impossible for us to be exalted.

After reading this article, do we really need to be told that energy drinks are against the Word of Wisdom? We should forbid our children to drink these. We should avoid them ourselves. We would be blessed for doing so. Thankfully I hate the way they taste. I have never had an energy drink, only a couple of small sips. But Red Bull, for example, tastes too much like Robitussin cough syrup. Gag!

Are we serious about our spiritual strength and that of our children? Then let's stop making lame excuses and let's quit buying this garbage!

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